October 18, 2018 1 min read

Growing up, I was one of Those Kids. 

I'd move my bedroom furniture around all the time. Just when I started to get used to it, I'd immediately change things up. It drove my mom crazy - even more so when I started on the living areas!

The fact is, I've always loved designing and creating new worlds out of living spaces. I've also loved it for as long as I - or my mom - could remember. So whenever I think about my life's calling, I land here.

Being born in the 60s definitely had an influence over my style. I like Modern. I like plastic armchairs and mustard-colored throws on my couches. I just love mid-century design. 

It's because of that, that I created MidCenturyNow. MidCenturyNow is my collection of contemporary modern furniture that everyone can afford to have. I mean, those knock-offs are costly - not naming names, Place-That-Also-Sells-Meatballs.

In most cases, the furniture is also ready to ship to your home. (When else does that happen??)

The line I've curated with MidCenturyNow will continue to grow and expand. I have a lot of exciting things coming up next season - who knows what after that. 

I like to think of MidCenturyNow as more of a lifestyle than a furniture collection. Once you start collecting, you'll hopefully keep on coming back.

If you do, there may very well be a discount.😉